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drum roll 
Bunny Emoji-11 (Drum Roll) [V1] 
because well the idea of it got trought my head for a long time soo ...
why not right ? XD
So what you should do is to draw

one of those characters .. or some of them together
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Do not steal or trace the artwork from others
this also means no bases no creators .. and no MMD .. yeah .. do the art yourself
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! You can post as many entries as you can there is no limit  
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100 Facts about Black
100 Facts about Black
01. His name is Jake Nigher.
02. He is 5321905 years old.
03. When the Travellers took up a Lifetime-Off (Traveller equivalent of Day-Off) in his reality and hometown, Bolton, Amber and he began a relationship.
04. They were inseparable even when Amber moved abroad to study abroad in Istanbul.
05. Amber had only been gone for 5 months, when an Outbreak of Zombies began.
06. With Blue and Pink's aid, Jack learned survival techniques, stealth, and basic combat to survive the growing hordes.
07. The trio travelled 2115.8 miles in 1 year. The main time consumer was finding away across the English Channel. Under Jack's instistense of finding Amber.
08. They dealt with Bandits, New Governments, Freedom Fighters, Zombie Sympathises (they were the strangest), and plain old Bat-Shit Crazies.
09. The worst part was the Zombie adaptation. They went from Walkers, to Runners, to Jumpers, to Hunters, to Brawlers, to Slashers, it went on and on.
10. They finally managed to
:iconbluevortecz:BlueVortecz 2 6
Enchanted Forest by Vasylissa Enchanted Forest :iconvasylissa:Vasylissa 176 31 [FE Fates x RWBY] RWBY Fates Classes V by Rukotaro [FE Fates x RWBY] RWBY Fates Classes V :iconrukotaro:Rukotaro 91 9 Art Trade with Aiko-chan2012 by chibigoatmammy Art Trade with Aiko-chan2012 :iconchibigoatmammy:chibigoatmammy 3 2



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Artist | Student | Varied
United States

I'm a female student currently learning art. My dream is to be an animator or storyboard artist....eventually... XD

I do Animatics on YouTube, Stories on WattPad, used to do Fanfiction on I've got a strange mix of interests!

So, follow me I guess if you wanna see more of my... art stuff 030

Thanks for reading this horribly done Bio! Bye now!

~~~The Spam Fam~~~

Spammy - :iconvynalline: (She made my ID!)

Spaddy - :iconbluevortecz:

Sprother - :icondarkartist491:

Spister - ZaruSonance (no links yet!!!)


Mechi - :iconsailordeathstar15: (AKA has fantastic art and great OCs! One of my BFFs on here!)

Madara - :iconmadarauchiha-chan: (AKA relatable and helpful when in need of feedback! She draws amazingly!!!)

Sun- :iconsunfujo: (AKA one of my coolest friends!)

Rentems - :iconrentems: (AKA mai boo!)


Tokyo - :icontokyo-daze: (AKA amazing artist!!! A Senpai!)

Paya - :iconpayafril: (AKA the mother of my child!)

Aku - :iconakukasterberous: (AKA mai senpai!!!)

macaronibees - :iconmacaronibees: (AKA mai bae!)


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Yeah, sorry for being inactive yesterday, I'm here in California to visit my Grandpa who is...well let's just say things aren't looking too good for him right now...

But, I'm also gonna be visiting some old school friends this week, so I'm super excited! 

I don't expect to get too much artwork done since this is vacation, but I have a few ideas for some pieces and all, so look forward to seeing that! 

Also! Romance Block is scheduled for about 6 chapters! I'll upload the comic by chapters, so get excited and hyped! Zaru helped me plan out the story a bunch and I'm super excited to visit those characters! 

Thanks for all the support and love! 

- Aiko <3 

P.S: :iconbluevortecz:, expect some surprises on Monday! 
Spamily Sleeping
So remember how I said I would digitize the thing in the middle of this

Well, yesterday's flight from Georgia to California was about 5 hours soooooo~

XD This image looked a lot brighter on my tablet than it shows up on my computer, so I apologize for it's being so dark! 

This was really fun to draw! But my tablet kept lagging cause the canvas was huge and hard to render I guess XD 

It's vacation for a week and my hand is doing alright!!! Yayyyyy!!!



:iconvynalline: - God, I apologize for the wonky colors XD

:iconbluevortecz: - I feel like you look good in gray maybe XD But again, colors are wonky, sorry! ;u; I hope the hair is alright at least XD Your hair is fun to draw! Ahahaha XD 

ME - I have actual clothing like the one I drew myself in mwahahaha XD 

:icondarkartist491: - Hope you don't mind the hideous green scarf! XD Red ended up being a nice color for your sweater but...those gloves T^T 



The Snow Leopard!
This was an in-class project I had to do for my Environmental Science class! :0 I surprised myself with how it came out! 

Basically we had to make posters about animals on the Endangered/Threatened Species list! So yeah, this was fun to do! The Snow Leopard is such a beautiful animal! 

Also, Environmental Science is the easiest class in the world to take! All the information I've already learned from watching the Planet Earth documentary series! But I quite like Environmental Science, it's tons of fun! XD  
I've been meaning to ask this to everyone in a journal for a while now, but what are your rooms like? 0w0 

I read somewhere that bedrooms reflect the personality of the people living in them, right? You can learn a lot about people just by looking at their rooms! 

For example, when we moved here to my new house, I wanted my room to show that I obviously love art, so I have my paintings on my desk and a still life picture on my dry-erase board! ^^
I also have my jewelry box here with like three dollars of quarters, my small manga collection (the rest of my manga is back in California T^T ), a cute night light, some punny buttons I bought from school, my old hearing aids that need cleaning, scissors, and a horde of pens and other art creating stuff! And of course there's lots of paper, journals, my intuos, my book on Civil War fashion, school things, piano guides, a fan from Cuba, etc! 
My bed is always a mess, and my closet is...a bit less of a mess than my bed that I barely ever fix up unless expecting family to visit XD There is an order to my mess only when it comes to clothing, I more or less know where my clothing is XD 
Also in my closet is my Tenor Sax and the empty box that used to house my keyboard! We don't have a stand for my keyboard, so it lives on the floor against the wall with my Mexican poncho to cover it. I also have a red carpet ^^ (my favorite color is red!) 
Everywhere I have stuffed animals and plushies! ((I told my friend once that I really liked plushies because they're super helpful when I have anxiety to hold! I get a bit of anxiety in the nights, so it's always helpful to have a plushie or pillow to hug! And for my 16th birthday, she got me A LOT of plushies! XD Ahhh, love you Zaru!!! ;u; So thoughtful!)) 

So, that's my room XD What's yours like?! tell me in the comments! 0w0 

But aside from that, I have legit stuff to update everyone on! 

Update 1: I haven't been uploading much art lately because school has been getting in the way and draining me of motivation. I know I've said it before many times, but right now I'm COMPLETELY drained XD I haven't even touched my tablet in like a week, I feel so bad for it ;u;  But, I've been focusing a bunch on school, and it looks like it's paying off! I got 100% in my most recent test!!! 
But yeah, sorry about that, I'll try to finish up everything I owe people, but it's been hard to lately ^^; 

Update 2:  ANOTHER reason (or excuse) for my not drawing is actually a health reason ^^; You see, my classes are two hours long, and I often need to use my hand a bunch for taking notes, drawing in art, etc. And, of course it's been causing me lots of pain in my right hand (which is my dominant hand) I've already talked with a doctor about it before, and he told me to just not draw and let my hand rest, so I've been doing that lately ^^ He said that the more I use it, the more it will hurt, so I'm doing my best to listen. You actually might have noticed that my lack of communication, that's also because sometimes it does hurt to type replies and I normally just answer whenever my hand doesn't hurt anymore. 
My violinist friend from my old school and I both had this same problem, except it got pretty serious with her and she nearly lost her hand, it would spazz out and everything! Sometimes my hand starts spazzing out and shaking too, so I'm gonna take it easy for a while until I can manage it all again ^^ Again, sorry! Doc's orders!

Update 3: I'VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THE NEWSIES MUSICAL! My sisters and I are obsessed!!! 

Update 4: MY JEWELRY COLLECTION IS BACK IN MY LOVING ARMS AHHHHHHHHH!! you'd never thing I was a jewelry person, but I am! A while ago, I got this jewelry box for Christmas and made it my goal to fill it up with jewelry, and that's what I did! There's also a tiny Darth Vader in there I got from El Salvador, it's so kawaii!!! X3

Anyway, yeah that's all the updates I can think of right now! 

once upon a time makes me rage so much!

So, see you all next time!!! XD 


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SailorDeathstar15 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
First dream I decided it was a good idea to inform him with a look that I knew what he was up to . He responded by grabbing the back of my head and shoving it forward and then pretended like he was just telling me something.

Second dream he was younger with anime hair and legit hitting on me.
Aiko-chan2012 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Omg the second one tho sounds awesome XD
SailorDeathstar15 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
A little XD
Aiko-chan2012 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
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MadaraUchiha-Chan Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aiko-chaaaaaaan are you alive!? XD
Aiko-chan2012 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
No!!! XD (jk,jk!)
MadaraUchiha-Chan Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol are you a ghost!? =-='
Jk jk XD
Aiko-chan2012 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
I am!!! XD
Lololol XD
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YogurtDollArt Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the fav :)
Aiko-chan2012 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Student General Artist
No problem! ^-^
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